Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Reflections on the second trimester

By the end of this week, I'll be in the third trimester of this pregnancy. It seems as if the second trimester has been very long - perhaps because it's been 13 weeks since I last saw a midwife? So, how have things progressed over the past three months?

  • My bump has got A LOT bigger! It protrudes a long way (it's all up front and low) and I keep snagging my sticky-out tummy button on things! I also sometimes park the car and forget to leave enough room to ensure I can get out...
  • I have regained my thirst for tea (phew), gone off marmite (disaster!) and then regained my taste for it (hooray!).
  • Realised that this baby is playing havoc with my dietary functions - without giving away TMI, let's just say that I no longer have a daily routine and no amount of cereal or fruit seems to make a difference!
  • Sleeping is slightly easier because there's enough weight in the bump to prevent me rolling onto my back but my rhinitis hasn't improved, so I still snore like a pig and wake up with a very dry throat!
  • Baby's movements have become much more forceful and noticeable and have kind of developed a pattern. I get lots of movement in the evenings and in bed (when I'm still) but also after I drink tea or eat something! If I'm late getting a meal, the baby reminds me that it's time to send some food in!
  • I have become incredibly clumsy (butter fingers!) and drop almost everything I touch!
I really enjoyed my 20-week scan. It was lovely to see my wriggly baby again but we decided not to ask about the sex. (I didn't find out first time and I don't mind if it's a boy or a girl.)

I have started to get the nursery sorted out. There isn't much that I need to buy because I saved most of the things I used first time around. I do need to recover some items loaned to family members and buy a new mattress for the moses basket and cot but all the newborn clothes are in good condition and gender neutral.

The next task will be to make a list of things for my overnight bag (I'm packing on the assumption of spending one night in hospital and wishing I'd noted what was useful last time!) and figuring out arrangements for who will babysit my toddler whilst I'm in labour, with my husband as birth partner, and look after her until we can return home.

My due date is mid-December, which means he's not going to be able to go on his work Christmas do (a 2-day overseas jolly) and I'm just hoping that we won't get an early snowfall!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Fun-packed Wednesday!

We had a very busy day last Wednesday - we crammed so much in and had such fun!

The day started with breakfast and then a quick trip to the supermarket for the weekly shop. (I'm trying to get into a new routine, in preparation for the new baby's arrival, whereby I do more shopping online but I'm struggling to plan the fresh items into two shops per month.)

Then, we went to Jym Tots at the Fromeside Gym Club. We had previously been attending the Jelly Tots sessions for very young toddlers but have now moved up to the 2-3 year olds' class. This involves listening to the instructors and taking turns, so my daughter found it a bit different to normal. However, she quickly got the hang of it and had lots of fun. We did circuits involving balancing, bunny hopping and going through tunnels and did some trampolining too!

After Jym Tots, we went home for a chocolate biscuit and a sit down! Then, we had some lunch.

In the afternoon, we started a new activity - Hungry Elves cookery classes. The concept is similar to "I Can Cook" on cbeebies but specifically aimed at pre-schoolers. Again, we had to listen carefully and follow instructions but a lot of fun was had - we made a mess, got sticky and make lovely banana and raisin flapjacks and a glitter picture to bring home for daddy!

To celebrate our achievements in the kitchen, we popped into Yate for an ice cream before coming back home to cook dinner and have a bath.

All in all, we had a great day and were happily exhausted by bedtime!