Wednesday, 24 February 2016


My 5yo told me that one of her school-friends has a 'worry box': "If he's worried about something, he writes it down and puts it in the box and it disappears."

So, I asked my daughter if she was worried about anything. [Answer: yes] Did she want to talk about it? (Answer: no] Would a worry box help? [Answer: yes]

I spent some time reassuring her that it's okay to worry about things sometimes and reminded her that she can always talk to me or Daddy or one of her grandparents or teachers if she wants to. I told her that sharing your worries can sometimes help you to feel better and that maybe a grown-up might have an idea about how to make the worry go away.

She didn't want to tell me her worry, so we agreed to make a worry box out of an old shoe box. But I'm not really sure of the etiquette...

I think we should have an 'open box' system, whereby we (as parents) can look in the box and read her worries. It would certainly be very helpful for us to know what she is worrying about so that we can help her if it is something serious or if the same worry comes up time and time again.

But perhaps a 'closed box' system would encourage greater disclosure? Maybe she would be more likely to put her worries into the box if she didn't think we'd open the box to read them?

I'm probably over-thinking it because she's five, not fifteen, and I don't think we need to raise early awareness of privacy issues! So, I'm going to suggest that we make a box with a removable lid. At least that way, the worries can physically disappear if the 'worry fairy' takes them away...

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