Monday, 20 June 2016

Bluestone 2016

We just got back from our fifth annual trip to Bluestone Wales. Our elder daughter had an INSET day from school today, which allowed us to take advantage of a three-night weekend break.

As usual, we stayed in accommodation close to the Village Centre. We took the girls' scooters and trikes so that they could get around under their own steam. On our last visit, we hired a golf buggy for the weekend but we didn't need to this time: our younger daughter is now a confident walker and was able to manage the trips across the campus.

Our agenda for the weekend was to swim and play at the Adventure Centre. The girls are still quite young (6yo and 21mo), so they're not yet interested in or old/tall enough for many of the outdoor activities. They are very content to go to the soft play, use the Lego wall, and enjoy the other indoor facilities.

This makes a Bluestone trip super-simple: we swim or play before lunch, then head back to the chalet for nap time; then we swim or play before dinner, then it's bedtime. Easy peasy!

So, we had a fairly relaxing visit. Everyone was able to enjoy some fun time in the water and on the play equipment. The highlight for me was watching the girls exploring the TreeHouse in the glorious sunshine on Saturday, whilst I sat on the grass and made a daisy chain.

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