Sunday, 20 December 2015

Book review: Meg and Mog

In this house, we are big Meg and Mog fans. I bought a set of six M&M books for my elder daughter about four years ago and we have just started re-reading them with our youngest.

I remember the books from my own childhood, when I was delighted by the illustrations and the funny scrapes that Meg the witch got into with her pet cat and owl. Calamity is never far away, especially when Meg casts one of her spells, but the trio always get out of trouble unharmed.

Our 1yo's favourite is the original book "Meg and Mog". She likes to make a big yowling noise when Meg treads on Mog's tail. It is Hallowe'en and Meg goes to a spell party with four witch friends but, the spell goes wrong... The other witches are turned into mice and chased by Mog!

My 5yo likes "Meg on the Moon". Mog wants to go in a space ship for his birthday treat. Meg and Mog blast off to the moon and meet some astronauts (presumably Americans because they say 'Hi!'). They eat pureed space rations, float about and then head back down to Earth for birthday tea with Owl.

"Meg's Veg" sees them attempt to grow their own food. Meg attempts to control the weather using magic and they end up with a bumper crop!

In "Meg at Sea" the three are stranded on a desert island. They use their scouting skills to survive and are eventually rescued by helicopter after sending a morse code distress signal.

Arguably their biggest adventure is in "Meg's Castle" when they end up fighting ghostly knights and celebrating their victory with a feast.

My personal favourite is "Meg's Eggs" when the eggs Meg magics up for breakfast hatch and three dinosaurs are set loose!

I like how all the stories end with the same word: 'Goodbye!'
And we always wave goodbye to Meg, Mog and Owl before closing each book.

These stories are great fun for young children. They have a great use of colour and imagination and the pictures are fantastic. There are also interesting effects with the lettering and vocabulary. Whilst the stories are too young now for my eldest daughter, she likes to read them to her little sister.

I can see us continuing to enjoy these books for a long while to come. (Just as long as one of us can resist the temptation to eat the pages...)

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

He's my brother

She reached the photo down from the shelf for her little sister. She held the photo frame carefully and showed her sister the picture:

"This is baby Monty. He died."

This is how my 5yo introduced her sister to their brother.

I was proud of how she described him and how she shared this family history with her youngest sibling. I felt sad that she had to have a conversation like this at such a young age, with an even younger, almost-no-longer-a-baby sibling.