About me

Hi, I'm Kate: 30-something, married for 13 years and mum of three.

I live in Bristol and work part-time in higher education policy. I used to be a biochemist. In my spare time, I sing with an all-female a cappella, four-part close harmony chorus, and I try to get to a fitness class, swim or go to the gym a couple of times a week. I am a member of SANDS and regularly attend Bristol SANDS support group meetings.

After seven years at university, travelling and making a start on my career, I came to parenthood in 2010 when my beautiful daughter was born. I started blogging about my life as 'mummy' two years later, when I was pregnant with my son, Monty, who was stillborn in November 2012. After the heartbreak of losing our son, I have been fortunate to go on to have another beautiful daughter.

My blog is a journal in which I record my experience of motherhood. It is also a place where I describe my bereavement journey. I don't have any professional or expert advice to offer about parenting, just reflections on my own experience.

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